About us

Latvijas Finieris AS is one of the leading developers and suppliers of birch plywood products with strong roots since 1873. During the last years beside plywood manufacturing a company has developed other activities which are related to mechanical engineering establishing production unit named Iekartu Rupnica – IR.

An idea

The story of IR began in 1999, as an idea to create an innovative and efficient production unit which can supply technical and customized machinery manufacturing services to woodworking mills and daughter companies of AS Latvijas Finieris.

From idea onwards

Factory IR was founded in 2000, as a part of AS Latvijas Finieris. Factory started its operation combining already at that time existing machinery designers group with technically equipped maintenance and service department.

In past years lot of efforts was done to develop technology and skills of the staff as well as to certify the production accordingly. To improve the factory efficiency significant investments were made in machinery and production facilities. We can be proud to have one of the biggest CNC machining centers in Baltic States.

A philosophy of life

IR mainly provides technical and technological solutions and services presenting itself as a trustable and innovative partner for mills and daughter companies of Latvijas Finieris since the very beginning.

Experience and vision gave rise to an idea to “translate” skills acquired while working with mills of Latvijas Finieris offering them in global market.

Today IR feels strong enough to offer different type of industrial services related to engineering as well as customized machinery solutions for woodworking industry world-wide.