Log Sorting Lines

Of late years IR has developed a concept of log sorting lines that are suitable for different type of logs.

IR will take care of the project from planning and design to commissioning as well as operational staff training at customer’s premises.

Available are sorting lines for logs with small, medium and big diameters.

Traditionally IR provides lines with 3D log scanners (experience also with X-ray scanning) in cooperation with partners.

Company has developed automation and software solutions which will help to meet your specific needs in log sorting including numerous reports for printing or sending via network.


  • Logs with a diameter from 140 to 700 mm; special solutions also for bigger diameters.
  • Log length from 2350 to 6200 mm; special solutions are also available.
  • Chain speed of sorting conveyor up to 100 m/min.
  • “Turn key” deliveries together with operator room, rooms for storage, container-type solutions for electric cabinets and hydraulic center, sorting boxes, service platforms.
  • Conveyors for waste and bark collecting and transporting.
  • Capacity up to 30 logs / min depends on length of logs (average more than 20 logs / min).
  • Number and design (one/two-sided) of sorting pockets according to customer’s needs.